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What is the elementary structure of a ornamental tube making machine?

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A basic configuration in ornamental tube making machine,will be like:

Un-coiler : It includes two types,single side and double sides,If you choose the single side ,when the steel trip use up ,you would turn off the power ,waiting to load material again,which maybe waste a lot of time .Of course, If you choose the double one ,when the material is over , you can twirl the decoiler immediately ,and it will run without waiting.

Forming section:This part is made of 3 groups of stand-archways,3 groups of idle-archways and 3 groups of stand-archways.when working,the steel trip changes its form flat to U shape and finally to pipe shape.

Welding section :Its composed of one set of squeezing rollers and one welding machine.The welding machines quality decides the tubes quality .Therefore, when you purchase a tube making machine ,you had better inquiry about which kinds of welding pipe machine they deploy.

Grinding : It has 3 sections,one grinding machine is erected and two are oblique.This part made sure the tube smooth and without pimple.

Sizing:with 4 sections ,It decides the tube diameter according to your demand.

Straightening:The Turk-head is for straightening purpose.

Cutting: The metal saw is easy to remove the tube end ,hydraulic driving to control up and down,Its the ideal cutting tool.


The picture maybe make you know more easily


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