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YXH Hard Power


Tube Mill

  ●  1 person can operate 6 machines,which speed up 40%.

  ●  TPT Welding Machine: inprove the quality of welding.

  ●  Polish Automatically: control grinding accurately

  ●  Hydraulic Metal Cutting Machine:inprove the quality of tube ends, without burr.

  ●  Quick-change tolling:40 minutes,saving 2 hours.

Pipe Polishing Machine

  ●  The speed of Round Pipe Polishing Machine is 45m/min,The speed of Square Pipe Polishing Machine is 70m/min

  ●  Automatic Un-coiler: one person can operate two machines.

  ●  Dust collection system: dust pollution prevention,solve environmental problems,harmless to worker health.

  ●  Automatic Run-out table: prevent bruising

▶  Professional Engineer with 25 years experience of adjusting machines ▶  YXH possess of American numerical control process equipment ▶  YXH possess of German design software ▶  We have offices in Vietnam and India, which can provide convenient and efficient service
         Foshan YXH Tube Mill & Mould Co., Ltd, founded in Foshan China 1998, specializing in manufacturing stainless steel pipe making machine,tube mill,pipe polishing machine,slitting machine,pipe embossing machine,mould/rolls ect. we look forward to entering co-operation with new and old customers for mutual glorious business.