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Rotary Swaging Machine
About YXH
  • 99.5% of pipe production pass rate
  • Offer investment consultation on stainless steel rotary swaging machine
  • Overseas service center available
  • Special design for client's requirements
  • Offer technology support for overseas experienced engineer
stainless steel rotary swaging machine 
 Model              50Head
 Function          rotary swaging pipe
 Pipe Material      Stainless Steel/Carbon Steel/Copper/Aluminum/Iron etc.
 Pipe Thickness    0.6--1.2mm
 Pipe Diameter       12.7--50.8mm
 Useful time  25 year
 Power(W)  5.5KW
 Voltage(V)  220V/380V/ 415V/ 420V/440V etc.
 Weight(T)  1.8T
 Size  1.4x0.9x1.2m
 Operation  1 person 1 machine
 Model Number  Depends on Tube's model,diameter and material
 Delivery time  35 days after receiving the deposit
 Warranty time  1 year
 Useful time  40 years

 The rotary  swaging machine can process the stainless steel pipe,carbon pipe,copper pipe etc 


Order Guidance:

  • Customer visit our website and our products.
  • Customer give us inquiries.
  • We use Email, Skype, Whatsapp, QQ, MSN and other methods to connect with customers.
  • We design and discuss the details of the machine and moulds at customers' requirements.
  • After finishing negotiating with our customers about important issues, we sign the contract.
  • Customers pay 30% deposit in advance.
  • We arrange the factory to start to produce the machine or moulds.
  • After finishing the production,we inform the customer to pay the balance.
  • We send the goods and the bills to our customer.

Sale Service

  • We can offer the detailed information about YXH
  • We can provide customized service and professional design based on your specific demands. 
  • You can send us your embossed pipe sample, so we can give you the best advice of the types.
  • We can provide you different embossing dies according to your embossing pipe's flower pattern.  
  • Different types of rotary swaging dies can be installed in one machine.
  • The color of embossing machine, whether green or blue, depends on you. 
Packaging & Shipping


  • For rotary swaging machine, we use fumigation boxes to support the machine;

  • Use plastic film to wrap the whole machine to protect the machine from damp.


  • For the big order, we choose the container transport;

  • For the small order, we choose the bulk cargo transportation.


     The main view

rotary swaging machine  details


     The side view

rotary swaging machine picture

      The rotary swaging machine moulds and pipes

 The rotary swaging machine moulds and pipes

     The rotary swaging pipe's pattern

     The rotary swaging pipe's pattern

 The rotary swaging machine advantage : cost-effective, Low processing cost,

 High efficiency, high speed

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