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29. Do you really know Stainless Steel Pipe Making Machine?

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With the rapid development of global economy and the improvement of living standards, people all over the world have an increasing demand for stainless steel pipes. Therefore, stainless steel pipe making machine market is becoming larger and larger. But, have you really know the stainless steel pipe making machine?

Foshan YXH Tube Mill & Mould CO. Ltd is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters, specializing in manufacturing the Stainless Steel Pipe Making Machine, Tube Mill, Stainless Steel Welded Mould/ Rolls, Pipe Welding Machine, Polishing Machine, Bright Annealing Line etc. Pass the International standard quality system certification ISO9001:2008. YXH concentrates on stainless steel industry for 15 years with rich experience in sales and production plan as well as solid economic strength.

With the vigorous development of stainless steel industry, Have you make full preparations? What kind of items do you need to know?

1. How many production lines you plan to start with?

2. What’s the cost of production you have to take in consideration? That mainly includes the following aspects: electricity, water, plant design, inventory, technical personnel.

3. How much floating capital do you need to maintain stability and continuity of production?

4. How much is the anticipated profit of the ss pipes?

5. Taking rate of finished products into account, “ Why do I choose two production lines at the beginning?”

6. The workshop design, “ What’s the length and width of the workshop? How much is the electricity and water consumption?

Eventhough you need to invest enough money to join the stainless steel industry in the early period, but for the bigger market and development prospect of good industry. Investment and return is proportional. In addition, warm reminder, no matter where you choose to invest and in addition to the local market, you also need to have a certain understanding of the stainless steel industry. Foshan YXH Tube Mill & Mould CO. Ltd can solve various problems for you better. Choose YXH, is your most wise choice.