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Tube Mill and Mould Company

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    How to find a tube mill and mould company in china? Foshan YXH Tube Mill&Mould Co.,Ltd. is a design & manufacturer of a variety of steel pipe making machines ,polishing machines and roller set.

    Our company is located Foshan city, we have the strong company strength and our products had export to many countries India, Bangladesh, Vietnam,Nepal,Sri Lanka,Indonesia,Philippines,Russia,Uzbekistan,Egypt,Africa and so on.

    We are committed to explore the technology research of stainless steel pipes, through increasing technological improvement , to help the welded pipe production factory to provide a budget, design ,planning ,manufacturing ,sales, installation ,and other integration solutions.

    We are looking forward to finding the good tube mill machine ,please contact with us for free.

    Contact with us :fsyxh4@tubemakingmachine.com