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Stronger Decorative Tube Mill Machine

Released Date: 2018-09-15 Hits:

Today , Foshan YXH Tube Mill & Mould Co.,Ltd will introduce stronger decorative tube mill machine to you ,who wants to produce thick stainless steel or carbon steel pipes and tubes.

What's the stronger tube mill machine different? Firstly , Double Motor. More stable , more powerful. Secondly , It used Needle Bearing in operation side Horizontal Stand, easier and faster to change the roll sets.Thirdly , Horizontal Stand is widening , It takes the tube mill machine more accurate production of pipes and tubes.

Foshan YXH Not only give you the stronger tube mill machine ,but also offer competitive pricing on small & larger quantity Steel Pipes and Tubes mill manufacturing machine. If you are interesting in our tube mill machine ,please contact with us for free.